Thursday, 20 October 2011


YOUTUBEで現在200本近く字幕をつけてアップロードをしています。リビア関連も20本程度あります。興味が有る方は をご覧になって下さい。

注意:以下の文章は、アラビア語 → ロシア語 → 英語で翻訳されています。そのため文法的に混乱があります。
This has been translated from Arabic to Russian then to English; some of the grammar may be confusing.

The armed cells of Green Resistance were engaged in the airport of Tripoli by means of rockets of the big range after the coordination top-level.
In Tripoli airport more than 50 rats were killed.
Front in Tripoli -- fierce collisions in Bakr and Salim Ben Ghashir.
Two NATO FRENCH high rank RATS were killed today in Abu Salime. One of them was a memeber of NATO HQ.
In Sebha more than 200 killed rats.
The Green guard from tuba tribe has struck blow to one of settlements.
In some areas under control to the Green Libyan government it is spent clearing -- rats have changed clothes in civil, almost in the female. Search is conducted with lists of names put on the wanted list and weapon detectors. Areas are blocked. At journey ask to show certificate persons and not to interfere with searches.
Collisions in Tripoli and operations around the airport have renewed.
In hospital Khoznhm in Tripoli is to 110 dead rats of RATO.
Surman -- strong firing is audible, there are collisions.
Firing in the field of Tablino in Bengasi.
Prorat mass-media produce and throw false news about Bani Valide to convince the world that the city is grasped by the Diarrhea. We underline -- Mojaheds, heroes of National Resistance still supervise a situation in Bai Valid and are occupied by gathering of tens decaying rat corpses.
RATO (Rats-NATO) - terrorists used the forbidden types of weapon, in i.e.. White phosphorus and cassette ammunition during air touches and artillery fire bombardments of the peace population of a city of Bani Valid to open road to the mercenaries, not managed to take a city.
Rats losses in Bani Valid -- more than 1000 rats were killed today, basically in an industrial zone. One of their battalions is crushed.
In Sirte was killed Big Rat Mustafa Ben Drdv commander of battalion Alzentan of the Brigade of martyrs of Bengasi.
It is killed 13 and more 80 are wounded, some it is serious, rats of the NATO from East front around the sea as a result of erroneous rocket bombardment of rebels of the NATO from the western direction.
As a result of counterstroke in Sirte one of areas, 32 rats were plop down and area is taken under control and ,many Rats are caught.
Сирт -- Mojaheds grasp 2 rocket installations and 2 tanks and 20 rats ".
More than 10,000 rats were killed from 1-19.October.2011

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